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The Colorado Human Services Directors Association (CHSDA) is a non-profit association representing the human service directors from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Association promotes a human services system that encourages self-sufficiency of families and communities, and protects vulnerable children and adults from abuse and neglect.

Strategic Plan: Please click here to access the CHSDA Strategic Plan, updated in 2018.

Mission: CHSDA is dedicated to a human services system that promotes the strength, well-being, and self-sufficiency of individuals, families, and communities.
To accomplish this mission, the Association will:

  • Support  and make recommendations to Boards of County Commissioners, Council Members, and Mayors in the governance, policy, development, and desired outcomes pertaining to local human services delivery
  • Advocate for policies through CCI that will further the mission of the organization and produce integrated service delivery
  • Educate state and federal policy-makers and the public regarding the impact of human services policies on individuals, communities, and county social services operations
  • Collaborate with governmental and community-based organizations to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Facilitate effective communication between and among county social service agencies, and state and federal administrative agencies, including the exchange of knowledge and best and promising practices.

CHSDA Strategic Principles

  • Recognizing local differences
  • Promote locally relevant solutions and locally delivered services to meet community needs
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Keep the primary focus of our work tied to families and communities and their needs
  • Identify and address fairness and equity issues in the system (disproportionality)
  • Strengthen our Leadership
  • Focus on continuous quality improvement
  • Develop strong statewide management
  • Use consistent data measures
  • Define acceptable/unacceptable outcomes
  • Jointly define and accept shared risk
  • Enhance our accountability
  • Strengthen our relationships with CDHS/HCPF
  • Develop and advocate for resources and partnerships at the state and local levels
  • Develop community support by listening and being responsive
  • Recognizing our interconnectedness with other governing boards
  • Be creative, bold

For more information, contact Lexie Kuznick, Policy Director,
CHSDA at [email protected].org or at 303-441-1402.

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