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The Colorado Human Services Directors Association (CHSDA) is a non-profit association representing the human service directors from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Association promotes a human services system that encourages self-sufficiency of families and communities, and protects vulnerable children and adults from abuse and neglect.

CHSDA Mission

The Colorado Human Services Directors Association is dedicated to a human services’ system that promotes the strength, well-being, and self-sufficiency of individuals, families, and communities.

To accomplish this mission, the Association will:

Support and make recommendations to Boards of County Commissioners, Council Members, and Mayors in the governance, policy, development, and desired outcomes pertaining to local human services delivery

Advocate for policies through CCI that will further the mission of the organization and produce integrated service delivery

Educate state and federal policy-makers and the public regarding the impact of human services policies on individuals, communities, and county social services operations

Collaborate with governmental and community-based organizations to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

Facilitate effective communication between and among county social service agencies, and state and federal administrative agencies, including the exchange of knowledge and best and promising practices.

CHSDA Values

Throughout its 70 year history, the CHSDA has developed and refined the following organizational values:

  • Quality Client Services Come First A consistent value held by all counties is the importance of providing quality customer service.  All county departments strive to professionally assist needy families in times of crisis, whether they need child protection, public assistance, or any of the other services available to eligible Colorado residents.  The client should always be at the center of, and included in, the dialogue.
  • Open and Efficient Access to Public AssistanceCHSDA values providing multiple, easy points of access to public assistance programs to Colorado’s eligible clients.  CHSDA endorses a best practice strategy that incorporates both state and local solutions for determining eligibility for benefits.  
  • CollaborationCHSDA values meaningful county participation and collaboration with the state and other human services stakeholders, including the non-profit, business and faith-based communities.
  • Locally-Based Service Delivery - Colorado has a long tradition of empowering local governments to provide key services.  It is critical that the provision of community-based, front-end prevention services be preserved and strengthened.  Front-end prevention services are essential for promoting strong, positive results in preventing family dislocations, addressing poverty, and promoting positive outcomes within the child welfare system.  Across all delivery systems and populations, the human and financial outcomes of evidence-based front-end prevention services are proven to be effective.  Studies show that local governments are most responsive to local citizens and have a better understanding of the needs of local communities.  Counties throughout Colorado have developed strong partnerships with local agencies and leveraged local funds to provide the best integrated services to Colorado residents.  It is clear to the counties that “one size does not fit all.”
  • Cultural Relevancy and Addressing Disproportionality - Colorado must implement human services programs that are culturally relevant and appropriate.  Colorado is a state with a rich mix of racial and ethnic diversity.  It is critical that our human services system is able to respond to the unique needs of all families in need.
  • No Unfunded MandatesWhile the counties are strongly committed to serving our clients, CCI and CHSDA are opposed to unfunded mandates.  We believe that any mandates created must come with appropriate funding resources to ensure effective implementation.  A strong review of current practice and a strategic focus on desired outcomes will promote the removal of unnecessary and burdensome barriers to effective delivery of services.
  • Accountability and TransparencyCHSDA values accountability and outcomes-based practices.  CHSDA is committed to data-driven decision-making in the management and implementation of all services.  CHSDA promotes the effective development of statewide data systems.

In 2010, CHSDA underwent a reorganization. To learn more, click here.

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