Budget Issues

CHSDA plays an active role in monitoring and developing proposals regarding the state budget. We are also actively involved in maximizing the amount of federal funds directed toward Colorado’s human services system. To find briefing documents and information from Joint Budget Committee Hearings, see below.

2019 Legislative Session

Governor FY2019-2020 Budget Request Documents

2018 Legislative Session

Governor FY2018-19 Budget Request Documents

2017 Legislative Session

Governor FY2017-18 Budget Request Documents 

 JBC Budget Briefing Documents


2016 Legislative Session

JBC FY2016-17 Briefing Documents


2015 Legislative Session

JBC FY2015-16 Briefing Documents

Budget Request Documents


JBC FY2014-15 Briefing Documents (12/13)

CDHS Factsheets and Budget Requests (2/13)
CDHS Factsheets

CDHS Budget Requests

IV-E Waiver Legislation

Colorado Joint Budget Committee
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