How to Apply and Eligibility

How to Apply and Eligibility
There are a number of ways to access the benefits you may need. We have provided these links to help guide you to services as easily as possible. Your local county office will be able to provide a complete assessment of your needs. To find the location of your local county office, visit 

To Screen for Potential Eligibility
Not sure if you want to apply for benefits? The Am I Eligible tool on the PEAK website is a tool that can help you see which benefits you might be eligible to receive. To see if you might be eligible for benefits, visit and click on the Am I Eligible button. Please note, this tool is not an application, and there are additional benefits you may be eligible to receive that the PEAK website does not screen for. Your local county office will be able to assist you with these additional programs. Click here to find contact information for your local county office. 

To Apply for Benefits
You have many options for applying for benefits. You can:

  • Apply online at
  • Visit your local county office and complete an application in person. Click here for a list of local county offices.
  • Download and complete a paper application. Visit Scroll to the Apply By Mail section to access the paper applications for all programs and medical-only programs.

To Check your Benefits, Report Changes, and Manage your Account
To check the benefits you are currently receiving, report any changes, and manage your account information:

  • Check and manage your benefits online through your PEAK account at, or contact your local county office.
  • For Medical Assistance, you can also view/print medical card(s), and make CHP+ enrollment fee and Medicaid Buy-In premium payments.
  • For Food Assistance, visit the EBT card website at or call the EBT Customer Service phone line at 1-888-328-2656. Please note, you are limited to 10 calls per month. 

To Renew your Benefits
Here is what you do to renew your benefits:

  • Start your redetermination/recertification online through your PEAK account at; or
  • Complete your renewal packet and send it in to your local county office; or
  • Visit your county office to handle your renewal in person.

To determine if you are eligible for services, go to: You can also apply to your county social service agency directly.

Click here for County Contacts

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